Horse won't turn his first barrel.... Help Please!
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Horse won't turn his first barrel.... Help Please!
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THEMA: Horse won't turn his first barrel.... Help Please!

Horse won't turn his first barrel.... Help Please! 29 Jun 2018 10:35 #8482


Here's his story, he's a 8yr old gelding, who is a demolished barrel horse! He used to be a 1D barrel horse and fell apart. So I bought him thinking I could fix him. We started right back to the basics (walking the pattern and working on flexing). He has been great at home, but when hauled he would stress out when he had to enter the arena. He would refuse to turn his first barrel loping! He would rear up and carry on like crazy. But you can take him back and lope that barrel many times, but he wont turn it if you lope him from the alley... make sense? So I've had him worked on by a chiropractor, he's not sore, his teeth have been floated, he has been sound checked and x-rayed. Everything is clean! He came along great for 3 weeks, was placing 3D and all of a sudden 3 weeks ago he is refusing his first barrel again. I thought the horse was going to have a heart attack yesterday, you could feel his heart pounding like crazy while your on him. I'm not kidding i've never seen something like that. He doesn't get worked up going in, he stands there very calm. But his heart races and thuds! It's not me that gets him worked up either, I rodeo so to jump on a horse like him is a breeze. I'm wondering if I should try some calmer on him? Any ideas? He lopes the pattern perfectly at home. He is awesome to flex and so on. His other two barrels are flawless, it's just his first barrel. He hardly see's the barrels at home because he knows the pattern, and has zero issues at home. It's just when I haul him. I use him for cattle penning also to keep him sane and he loves it, never had him stress out going to another arena to cattle pen. It's just those darn barrels. I tried "chill" on him last fall and it did zip! I thought he went nuttier! Any help would be greatly appreciated! I don't want to haul him again to a jackpot till I have something I can try.

Please help

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