Sick Horses due to Superphosphate
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Sick Horses due to Superphosphate
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THEMA: Sick Horses due to Superphosphate

Sick Horses due to Superphosphate 25 Jun 2018 14:54 #8475


I live on 5 acres near Windsor NSW. We’ve been here for the past 10 years and when we arrived the land was very poor, and had been overgrazed and badly managed. Not knowing anything about pasture and owning horses I relied on my local ag shop to assist in improving the property for horses. The pastures were plowed and seeded and gypsum, dolomite and super applied during seeding and also when it rained, which is not a regular thing here.
4 years to the month my first horse developed Headshaking – never seen it before and the vet didn’t offer any suggestions as to how to fix this problem, 4 years after that my new horse has developed the same problem, and I am now on a mission to fix this.After doing countless hours of research, ive now determined that it’s a mineral imbalance caused by the grasses that I have seeded, being mainly quick growth rye, clover, phalaris and fescue, and superphosphate (mainly the superphosphate). I need to somehow reverse the effects of approx 6 years of using super on my paddocks, I have started to put lime out to correct the PH:C ratio, and I am going to reseed the paddocks with horse safe grass. Being a very poor area for growing anything, with the exception of paddy’s Lucerne. If I reseed my paddocks and don’t put anything into the soil to help with growth, the paddocks will certainly fail, I want to know about Organic fertilizers that will not harm my already very sick horses, but help the pasture to become healthy and support the grass and cope with two horses. This land would benefit from time out, unfortunately being only 5 acres, I can only manage to spell half my paddocks at one time and then it’s only a maximum of 6 months.The soil test done in March 2010, showed very high levels of Phos, Magnesium and Manganese, low levels of calcium, zinc, copper, sulphur.
the pasture that i am going to seed is Cocksfoot, Prairie & Rhodes, all horse safe grasses, but if unsupported by something in the soil i am very concerned that they wont survive.

Please help.

I did not find the right solution from the internet.

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