horse racing's image problem
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horse racing's image problem
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THEMA: horse racing's image problem

horse racing's image problem 26 Jun 2018 10:22 #8478


I was watching football today with some friends and the topic of frankel's race came up as a few of us are horse racing fans, and i got an interesting point of view being involved with racing on a daily basis, you tend to get sucked in to your own world. you hear things everyday, you equate that with what does matter, you start to self diagnose things that you think are the problem but alot of the times, i do not think that the end result is an accurate snap shot beucse of the spetrum that you are involved with things on a daily basis.I mean, horse racing has a drug problem. so does every other sport. this isn't what is killing racing, I mean, it's not helping whatsoever and it's hurting but this isn't the big scale problem that i think most think it is. it's something we want to reticify beucase i thinik that the more we rely on drugs it's to the detriment of the horse and eventually reduces the quality of year round racing, but again, it's not the number 1 problem as i see it.It's not even injuries/breakdowns. again, it's not something that is helping at all.. and again it's something we want to fix. i don't know anyone who wants to see horses break down and i think just about everyone will do anything within reason to prevent this from happening.

Please help.

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